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EMC ZG by moving to the new modern and well equipped  building and by using new system on the new hw/sw platform enabled improvement of emergency medical service in Zagreb.

The center structure consists of three services:

  • Medical service (field service, call-reporting unit, outpatient clinic, laboratory department and educational department)
  • Technical service
  • Joints service department

Emergency medical centre Zagreb (EMC ZG) is a medical institution providing the following service 24 hours a day:

 -Emergency medical care for those suddenly taken ill or injured in the city of Zagreb (or beyond if necessary), on major roads,  along highways and other roads, at the site of event and during transportation,

-Ambulance transportation (non-emergency transport) of those suddenly taken ill or injured, bed-ridden, disabled and dialysed individuals to and from medical institutions in the Zagreb area, beyond the Zagreb area and abroad,

-providing medical care at sports and other events and meetings at the request of the organiser,

-emergency medical aid for all those seeking it themselves at the center outpatient clinic or for the patients brought in by physicians on fieldwork,

-organisation and preformance of theoretical and practical education in emergency medicine for all center medical service members, undergraduate medical students, interns, postgraduate students in emergency medicine as well as for non-medical professionals  in accordance with certain programmes.


The emergency car teams

The emergency car team consists of a physician, a medical technician and a driver/medical technician. Emergency medical care is provided by 12 teams for 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The teams are distributed  at the Centre and its six subunits all over the city.


The ambulance team consists of a medical tehnician and a driver. The number of ambulance teams depends of the frequency of calls, which is highest during work-days in the morning, when 31 teams are on duty, 5 of them to provide transfer for ambulatory dialysis patients and another 5 transportation beyond the city of Zagreb all over Croatia and abroad.


CRU is a functional unit consisting of two segments:

  • call receipt and
  • field team dispatch.

The calls for emergency medical intervention (telephone number 94, or 112 – in that case emergency calls are transffered to 94 tel. number) are received by two physicians, and non-emergency calls for ambulance transportation by two technicians or nurses.

Two dispetchers (medical technicians) are responsible for transfering received calls to field teams, one of them for emergency medical care and the other for ambulance transportation.

The call-reporting unit has been completely suppllied with a PC with a specific application allowing for appropriate entry of data on the event and geographical encoding (localisation) of the site of event on the Zagreb map, along with dynamic display of the position and movement of each individual vehicle in the system.

The Vehicle Tracking&Dispatching system of Emergency Medical Center Zagreb (EMC ZG) is in 2009. extended and upgraded to the new information system that covers all business processes of EMC ZG.

The new system provides informatization of all business processes and fullfills the needs of the whole EMC Zagreb including  ERP, EMD system,, dyspatching system, medical clinic and laboratory application, analytical tools etc.

Dispatching center module is the backbone of the system. In this module when 94 call is received all relevant data is entered together with patient’s address or location where intervention should be provided. The same workflow is used for calls for medical transport and dialysis. Once the intervention location is geo-referenced, the dispatcher finds the closest and most suitable ambulance to accept the intervention that provides the service to a patient. The dispatcher than tracks statuses of intervention, as well as vehicles or teams. Digital interactive maps rely on spatial database that consists of streets, house numbers, places of interest (POI) - hospitals, public facilities, religious facilities, etc.  that is used as the basis for dispatching process.

The EMD system used in the vehicles on the field is also part of the new system. The benefit of EMD is that all medical data about the patient, and important data about the service provided are stored in the system using mobile toughbooks in the vehicle and all the data is stored in the moment when service is provided. All the ambulances are equipped with Motorola stationary Radio Stations (Voice&Dana capable) with GPS device. 


Outpatient clinic is on 24-hour duty throughout the year, admitting all persons seeking help themselves and those brought by physicians on fieldwork. The clinic is permanently stuffed with a physician and medical tehnician.

The Clinic that is on duty round -the –clock and available without any administrative obstacles is the only one of the kind in the  City of Zagreb, fully belonging to this city as a necessity and a tradition.


Hematology and biochemistry tests are performed at the laboratory: working hours from 7.00a.m. to 9.00p.m. 


Educational department was opened on October 8, 1980., and has been supplied with modern facilities, a number of models, phantoms, mechanical and electronic simulators, medical devices and instruments. Theoretical and practical education in emergency medicine has been organised according to the latest medical concepts and state-of –the-art, and is intended for both medical and non-medical professionals, based on appropriate curricula. Own multimedia educational materials have been produced using the latest sophisticated equipment.  Two physicians nad two medical technicians working at the Department have completed respective international courses, thus having acquired additional qualifications to provide quality education to those attending Department activities.


Tehnical service is a part of the Centre that includes maintenance and washing services, and car depot.


JSD workers are actively involved in the Centre's activities in daily basis, including those in the legal, general and accounting units, medication and equipment depot, tailoring shop with protective clothes storage, house repairmen, telephone operators, cleaning staff, and security guard.

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